In the spirit of xmas……..

In this world I’ve realized, sometimes men go about feeding themselves with lies

We fail to fully identify the reason behind things a times

You see, there’s an appointed time for everything, we know this

Why then do we go about putting His word to diss

My day of birth is not related to my day of death

Still doesn’t mean these days weren’t set

I probably won’t harvest a corn the same day I set it in the ground

I can’t kill but my words can definitely be the healing balm to your soul

You really wouldn’t have me laughing at your misfortune

Or crying at your success,

But let me guess, you’ll conclude my brain has an abscess

My list is endless, I can go on and on but wait! Let’s count–less

Let’s laugh when we can, cry if need be, enjoy each day as it comes

And when you see someone in need, a friend perhaps,

Leave every else and render help

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-9 says this well

Who knows if there’s anything else……………to life!



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