Jesus is the word. The word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, the word that was still is in the father inexhaustible! John 1:1

In Genesis, God said “let there be light” He spoke Jesus and light appeared. Creations, Continue reading



Hi there….. today’s post is a little something to encourage and stir us up, my friends hear me say this a lot but i’d also like to share with you too if you don’t mindSpices

God shows us His many ways in our activities of daily living, pay close attention. have you ever considered the process of cooking? if you are like me that loves to cook ( err….maybe not all the time) for me it’s called ‘art’. some things are involved in cooking depending on the quantity and quality of what you’re going for, you know going to the grocery store and getting all the ingredients and condiments to make it a sumptuous and palatable meal right? Be assured you didn’t take out of your time to read about my passion for cooking and food, no please stay with me

1 Corinthians 12:1-31(PLEASE READ) is a good read for what i’m explaining here, we all are a part of something. Now some may look small and some large but everyone is very important. Back to cooking, now you set your cooker on and at the right temperature, place your clean pot and gradually start adding your ingredient at the right time. There’s usually no reminder or manual for a cook, for us ladies it’s like a natural thing, you just know when to add what and why. i mean you don’t just pour all in at once, that’s death for the digestive system.

It’s not something you don’t already know but i want you to understand that your time and place follow a set down order that you (sometimes) may not be aware of and it’s like so impossible to function out of this timetable if you will

Just as you allow your oil get hot before pouring in your pepper or whatever have you, is the same way you’re to be patient in your season and help others grow, i mean if you are not the main dish today and you’re just salt to taste, be that and make that dish really tasteful because your time and turn will come and thing is we are all wired as one body in

Understand that the Master Chef aka GOD is a very fine cook, actually the best out there because only God will prepare you a table in the presence of your enemies, check in the Psalm 23, it’s very true! And you’re an essential part of the whole process, be you a dash of pepper for spice or a jug of water for quantity, YOU ARE VERY NEEDED

Like i stated above, this is a just a reminder that God is working and you are very important and dear to His heart.

Grace and peace