Genesis 7:5-6; “5.So Noah did everything the Lord commanded Him. 6. He was 600 years old when the flood came” (TLB)

Hey!!! I would like to take a few lines to say a big THANK YOU! Thank you for every Tuesday, I pray you continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others in Jesus name, amen.

Today’s text, Genesis 7:5-6 points out two very important things; first is OBEDIENCE and the other is PATIENCE and what people generally understand to be waiting. You know how some of us have a long list of amazing people we have read of in the bible that we just want to get to heaven and meet them yeah, I know I have that list. Some of them we want to salute, some we have questions for, some we want to have long conversations with under the tree of life just chilling and some we just want to hug and say well done. Noah for me, is one of those people I want to hug and say well done to, from Noah I have learnt that even when it don’t make sense just obey.

I’m basically just here to encourage you because I could go on and on about Noah but here’s the deal, don’t just look at this as any other bible story why is she making a big deal out of it. It took a 100 years for the flood to come, a 100???? C’mon, most people can’t wait for pizza for an hour, we just conclude there’s something wrong with the customer service system but this guy waited a 100 years, times and seasons past for a 100 years before the promise finally came, that’s huge!

What is that thing that you kinda sorta gave up asking and trusting God for? Note that Noah didn’t just waste time, He obeyed and did not some, or parts but everything God said and wore his patience cap high and proud till the day the promise came. Don’t give up on God because He is the controller of time and your reproductive, productive, whatever clock means nothing to him, God can stop time just for you. He has not forgotten!562628919_d1

Why not wait a little longer, say for a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a year, a decade……. Hold on, God will come through for you in a bit.




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Today we will be discussing something rather sensitive, the sound of it makes people put up some form of righteousness and try to remove themselves from it, and the topic is none other than, SIN!!! Continue reading


hopeHello! I’m so excited you’re here today. I believe you are good and doing great….. I know i am…

About two posts ago, we learnt a little about Jesus and how He’s been present before creations and He’s the light! the word! and the life! Hallelujah!!!

I’ve been studying the book of Genesis and it’s so packed, actually the whole bible is, but chapter one which tells us about creation is so interesting and today’s post is about the verse 26 of the first chapter of the book of Genesis, “LET US MAKE MAN……..” Okay what’s so special about this phrase right? I’ll tell you in a bit

If you will, please read the first chapter of Genesis, Genesis 1, and see the cause of events, every other thing created was created, more like thought of and then brought to life but man, i mean YOU yes you, you weren’t just thought of, you were carefully thought out and considered and didn’t just take any form but that of trinity. I need for you to understand that you are not ordinary or random or whatever people may have called you or what you might have settled for.

God called His son and Precious Holy spirit and consulted them  before creating you, fast forward to the remaining part of that verse, He didn’t just create you, He also gave you dominion that is power and authority over everything earlier created, gave you ownership and will, gave you a mind and freedom, gave you might and his beauty, you are all of God because you are his image, do not settle for mediocrity

So my dear, the next time life comes with its ugly sides to scare or put you off or lie to you about who you are, remember one thing and that is the fact that you are God’s image and trust him to take care of you. All that you truly are and will ever be is in God, find Him today and find truth. You are so much more than the image that the world wants you to live in…..You are God’s

Perhaps you haven’t given your life to Christ Jesus, Just say out loud, Lord Jesus i give you my life and my will, i surrender to you today, help me know you and be more like you, i believe that you are and you died for my sins, thank you Lord, In Jesus Name amen.


Grace and Peace.