I write to you all with tears in my eyes because there is a distortion that I want to fix in your hearts. I’ll probably think of a title later on because right now I’m just here to unburden this thing that is pressing on my heart. But before I do, I really do not take this opportunity to be bringing God’s message to his people again. And by now you should know the name I always come from. So let’s jump right in. For almost 3 weeks I struggled with how to frame what I want to convey to you now, and it showed itself in bits and pieces until I got the full picture.

Rom8:1 this is one of my favorite chapters in the bible and it begins with telling us that for anyone who is born of God has automatically been ransomed from whatever guilt or shame that once hung like a dark cloud over your head, and verses 29-30 now throws more insight by saying that those that he has glorifies (by removing that guilt hanging over their head) he had predestined them for such glorification.

Let’s take another scripture that may seem totally unrelated John 3:17 which says that God didn’t send his son to the world to condemn (judge) them, but rather to save them. It really baffles me that Jesus showed this not only in dying but also in living. Look at the story of the woman who was caught in adultery, what stopped him from judging her? I mean, he was 100% God like he wasn’t man, so pure and blameless, but he didn’t let that get into his head. Stay with me a little, I’m getting somewhere. Now, Jesus gave a fine example of what I’m about to talk about today which is: CUT PEOPLE SOME SLACK…

What’s your first reaction when a fellow church girl comes to tell you she’s pregnant, or she was pregnant but didn’t let the child come into the world? Or what would be your reaction if a brother opens up to you that he is still struggling with pornography and its twin brother masturbation? Can you look beyond those things and see that person as “predestined, called, justified and glorified”? Or you look at the person as less than you who has never made a mistake before?

The point I’m driving at is that people struggle with certain things that they are afraid to tell their fellow brothers and sisters because they KNOW they will be judged. But this wasn’t so with Jesus, he allowed the worst of people come to him to find solace. Lord Help me! My thoughts are too many to convey in such few words. We need to drop this self- righteous, over righteous attitude and become the Jesus that Jesus wants us to be.

We all have made mistakes, some worse than others, but why can’t we channel that knowledge into being there for people and showing them that they are not their mistakes rather their mistake can be a message instead of condemning them? This takes me back to Rom 8:1. That sister with the mistake isn’t condemned by God, because he knew who she was before he called her. God knew he was struggling with addictions but still embraced him, so why can’t you do same?

Sometimes that persons healing is in the reaction of the people she opens up to. Trust me on this; she condemns herself a lot more than you can think already. But we can mirror the Jesus that she needs to see, that she’s desperate to feel. It’s up to you to let them know that they cannot wallow in self -pity while purpose sits pretty waiting for them to press on. It’s up to you as fellow members of the church to also show them your scars and tell them it’s possible to move on despite such gruesome mistakes. It’s up to you to be the Jesus they need to see.

People of God, we need to drop this religion of condemning people for their mistakes and pick up the attitude of encouraging them in spite of their mistakes. Let’s BE THE JESUS PEOPLE NEED TO SEE. (I think I just found myself a title).


-Sophie Belle Igunbor


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