Hello lovelies, it is so great to be here on this platform. I want to appreciate my sister Oluyinka for an amazing opportunity. I will be sharing with everyone something that has been on my heart for a while now……..Identity Crisis.


2corinthians 5:17 says that the minute we receive the new life in Christ, we become new creatures. Our identity is changed. We have a new slate. All our sins have been erased. Our past becomes what it is…THE PAST. Who we are and what we are now defined by is hinged on who Christ is. Paul says in Galatians 2:20 that he has been crucified with Christ and that he no longer lives but Christ lives in Him. And this life is as a result of him trusting Jesus who gave his life for Him. Here are two illustrations i will like to give in order to explain the identity.


My first illustration is from scriptures. After Jesus’ baptism, John saw the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus in form of a dove and a voice from heaven Identified Him as the Son of God(Matthew 3:16-17, Mark 1:9-13,John 1:28-34). It gets interesting because after this experience, He was urged by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. While at it, the devil started every statement with ‘If you are the Son of God’. Funny isn’t it? This is someone that God just called His beloved Son. Friends, before the devil tries to mess with you he starts by placing doubts in your mind about what God has said to you, about you. he starts to challenge your stand on God’s promises over your life. Let’s go on. Satan in asking Jesus to turn the stone to bread was not a random ‘not-so-much-thought-was-given-to-this’ request. You see, the idea of that request was to make Jesus into an Economical Savior. Which we all know by now is a far cry from what His work here on earth actually was. In Jesus’ time, the children of Israel were being colonized by the Roman government, they lived in abject poverty amongst many other things. They thought and hoped that the messiah being spoken of by the prophets was going to overthrow the government and restore Israel’s glory back to it. It’s why the 5,000 men that Jesus fed wanted to take him away to be their king (John 6:14&15). They wanted to take Jesus away and make him their king seeing that he could provide food for that much people. It’s also why the disciples asked Jesus in the book of Acts 1:6 if he was going to free Israel from Rome and restore Israel as an independent nation. Satan knew this and asked Jesus to turn the stone to bread, he knew this and requested that Jesus bow to him so he could gift to him certain beautiful kingdoms of the world. he tried to define Him by the standard of the society i.e the societies expectation of who a messiah should be and do. Now hold that thought for a second and read the second illustration.

The Second illustration is from a personal experience. I volunteered at a summer camp just last week where i was privileged to be a camp monitor. The camp monitors on the rank were just directly below the main organizers and that pretty much gave us leverage over a lot of things because of the authority that came with the office of the camp monitor. On the second day some of us campers decided that we wanted to pray some more just after the evening session, but at 2:30am thereabout I was exhausted and wanted to head back to the hostel which was not in the school premises. Now the way it works is that to leave the school premises into the hostel, someone was assigned to be the middle man and without that person, you are not allowed out of the school premises. On my way out, I was challenged by the guard on the ground that the middle man was not there to speak for me and there was no prior instruction for him to allow me out. I was ready to plead and start narrating stories that touch, I really just wanted to sleep. But then I remembered I was a camp monitor and communicated same to him. On hearing this, he opened the gate for me and I went my way.


Let’s bring this home. Both illustrations point out two major things which is my message to you all this morning. Knowing who you are and walking in the reality of who you are! Your perception of who you are determines how you live your life, how you view the world, how you respond to people and situations. Your knowledge of who you are frames your mind and your belief. As believers, the moment you accepted the new life in Christ, you acquired an identity. This is what i refer to as our identity in Christ. The big problem prevalent amongst believers today is that we are going through a case of Identity Crisis which is a result of not knowing what our identity in Christ is. We have not fully come to an understanding of who we are, what we carry, our position here on earth and the authority that we have in us and should walk in. On the Cross of Calvary there was a beautiful exchange that took place. We went from sinners to Saints; we went from outcasts to Sons and Daughters of the most high. You are God’s righteousness. You have been called by God. You are saved and sanctified. You are a royal priesthood. You are a holy nation. You are justified. You are purified. You are God’s own. You are valued. You are God’s treasure, the apple of His eyes. You have a mighty power that is willing to help you in times of need. You are the Light of the world. You are the salt of the earth. You are a city set on a hill. You are Qualified. You have access into God’s presence. You are the splitting image of your Father. You are Sons of the King. You are daughters of the King. You are Royalty. You are loved. You are never alone. You will never be left alone nor forsaken. You are more than Conqueror. You have authority. You are in right standing with God.


These and some more is what the written word of God actually says about the believer. This is our reality. This is who we are. What the society or even your parents say you are is not your reality dear friend. You are who God says you are. You are everything God has spoken of you to be.


I pray for everyone reading this that a revelation of who you are in Christ Jesus finds expression in your heart. No longer will the devil mess with you or steal your joy and your peace of mind. I silence every voice of doubt on who you are and your position on earth. These words take root in your heart and you begin to walk in this reality from today onward. Thank you so much for reading this and i trust the Holy Spirit to work in all our hearts. Enjoy the week!

Grace & Peace.

Moyo Awodele.



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