So nice of you to join us today, I believe you’ve been good and doing great!

For some days now, i’ve been wondering, people have different definition to the topic above. i’d love for us to make this very interactive. what does REST mean to you? Have you ever been in a position where you had to drop all your defenses and trust that something will happen some way. It’s that time of the month where we pour out our hearts on the blog. I want to hear from you, drop your comments and let’s learn from each other.


God’s blessings are always with you. All you need do is walk in the reality of what has been promised you…



2 Replies to ““TRUST ME…….LET GO””

  1. For me Rest is that place where your whole dependence is on God, just like it’s said in scriptures trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not to your understanding in all your ways acknowledge him…, the key word is ‘all’ in the place of rest it’s all of God and none of you we just let God do the work. But as humans we like to work but believers live by faith so we need to believe that he’s working behind the scene, cos Hebrews says that faith is what pleases God and what’s faith believe that he is and he has made all things available. In the place of rest there’s always a manifestation of the blessing.


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