Hello everyone! I’m positive today is going to be a great day. Today’s post is something like a gist because i’ll be telling a short story and just bring it home with God’s word to you today. I hope that’s okay?

Two Saturdays ago, I was having a ride with my brother and it was a cool ride. The deal is my brother hadn’t got his driving license yet and here in Nigeria, you as a young man driving on the highway with a young woman without a license is like hitting the jackpot for the authorities, need i say more (if you know you know). So this day, we were driving along and having the time of our lives, then i sighted the policemen upfront, I was honestly very scared for my life, I was already thinking of ways to make the car either disappear off the road or just zoom off ( all that would have been a little dramatic right? ) then i insisted we parked the car in front of a house and act like we are in front of our home ( i wonder where these awesome ideas come from haha). All the while i was thinking of 1000 ways to not go about things, my brother was just calm and smiling to himself, then i decided i was too dramatic and asked why he felt so calm. He answered simply, “Dad is the Baale ( meaning Town’s chief) and this is his car plus look up! that’s his Chieftaincy symbol, we are very covered” and certainly i tell you, we passed through the checkpoint unbothered, instead of being delayed, we were given straight pass with super warm greetings to go with.

Now, I need you to focus on the important part of the story, by the way, my brother has his license now (p.s don’t drive without license, it really is against the law) What is the point of sharing this you ask, it’s simple, actually a simple question, who/ what is your trademark? not the mark of whatever trade you are into lol, But simply who do people see when they see you? whose sign of majesty do you carry? whose are you? who is your daddy?

For us christians the answer is very simple, Jesus is what people see when they look at us or should see, we carry the sign of His majesty, we are God’s, God is our daddy!!! nothing, absolutely nothing can shake those that walk in this reality because everywhere we are Jesus shows, everything we do reflects and gives glory to Him. Yes and most certainly, it’s not going to be all rosy, full of cotton candy and sweets but because we know who we are we have been assured of one thing, Jesus has overcome the world, see John 16:33

This is just to encourage somebody and reinforce facts for somebody, that no matter what comes your way, whatever it may be, you’re totally secure and safe in God’s hands and if somebody asks you why you seem unbothered about things just simply answer “Jesus is my daddy! Jesus is my trademark”

* If you are not entirely sure if Jesus is your daddy or something in you puts up a wall of doubt, just say these words out loud; Jesus I believe you died and conquered the world for me and I am mighty grateful. I give you full control of my life today and always. you are my lord and personal savior, amen!* 

There you go! Go on and proclaim to the world that Jesus is your trademark!

Grace & Peace…






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