Hi guys I’m so glad to be here and I want to appreciate my sister Oluyinka for the privilege. Let’s get right into it shall we? 

‘what’s that you have in your hand

God asked Moses. He obviously knew what Moses had in his hands but he still asked anyway (that’s story for another day). Moses replied him ‘a shepherd’s rod’ (take note of how he replied) then God asked him to throw it to the floor in order to wrought a miracle and show a sign. Exodus 4:2

After the encounter and God was asking him to leave for Egypt, he said ‘and be sure to take your rod along’ vs 17 this was God speaking to Moses. Just hang on with me I’m going somewhere (I solemnly swear to make sense in the end else, stop there)

By the 20th verse, the narrative had the rod called the ‘Rod of God’ ‘and Moses took his wife and sons and put them on a donkey, and returned to the land of Egypt, holding tightly to the rod of God’ vs 20.

When I read the story of the encounter Moses had with God and realized that there was a discrepancy as regards the owner of the rod I realized that there were 3 different views in the entire thing.

Keep in mind that the book of exodus was written by Moses so he was the one narrating his encounter in the book. Besides no one else was there except he, God and his sheep which were still away cause scriptures said he went over to investigate the burning bush. So it was all Moses.

First: Moses

He responded to God saying it was a rod, a Shepard’s rod because that’s what it was to him. He didn’t use it for anything else other than what he’s been using it for shepherding. He saw the rod as the ordinary one every shepherd used. Nothing spectacular about it. Just a rod anyway. He saw it as just the normal regular rod that everyone had access to as far as they were shepherding. To Moses it was just a rod, a staff. To him it was just a regular stuff. The usual stuff.

Second: God

Being in the narrative God made mention of the rod. He told Moses to also go along with his rod. Aaron your brother is coming to look for you when he comes he’ll be happy to see you. You go to Egypt with him and don’t forget to go with your rod so you can also perform the miracles I showed you. God referred to it as his because it actually was his

Third: Moses (after the encounter)

After the encounter and snake stuff, Moses didn’t see the rod as his rod any longer or just one of those shepherd’s rods but the rod of God. When he was narrating the story which is in third person, he used the term ‘holding tightly to the rod of God’. After the encounter he realized that what he had in his hand is being used by God and not him he quickly relinquished ownership to God. Being in third person it is safe to say it was a narration and the narrator quoted Moses as saying ‘A shepherd’s rod’, quoted God as saying ‘Be sure to take your rod along’ when he was to drop his own comment he said it was Gods rod.fechar-portas-dos-fundos-mda

Noticed that people who are actually called never call themselves man of God? It’s the people around them that make such utterances. You might think it’s just my normal talking, it’s just the normal singing, it’s just the normal blogging, I don’t do anything more than just teach like everyone else. But when the results produced as a result of yielding your ordinary to God is seen, it becomes extra and the people seeing you can’t but say this lady is a woman of God. Because they sense, see and know you’re been used of God.

Maybe like Moses you’ve got stuff that you find as just normal, you have a skill, an ability something you think is normal and everyone has got, that’s ok but you must know like Moses that putting it in Gods hand turns your voice from your voice to the voice of God. It turns your ordinary ability to dance into something that people call divine.

What you think is yours can become Gods to the people that would tell the story of your life. Even you looking in retrospect will realize that what you thought was yours was actually Gods’ all along if only you allow you to yield to his leadings.

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Ebi Ashidi

Grace & Peace


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