Piece of advice…

Hello!Happy new month guys!Its my birth month too and i’m pretty excited about it!A few announcements before we go on, its not only my birth month but for the next two months we would be having my lovely and amazing friends come on here to share with us, we know our feature months are always so amazing and insightful and i personally look forward to the coming posts so yeah buckle up guys!

You have one standard of measurement!Yes and that’s Jesus.

The awesome people you have around you in christ are not to be modelled after, they can mentor you to fully become but it’s not for you to be another version of them.

In the body of christ, we encourage, we support and we help each other to press towards “the mark”, The people you look up to aren’t the mark, they should not be a mark, they are also humans looking to be perfected unto christ.

Don’t lose focus or view of the big picture, Christ is the mark, don’t be intimidated or discouraged by human standards and human reasoning of how you should and shouldn’t be. Remember you are a CHRISTian…

Grace & Peace 


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