Mind Your Business

So alot has been going on to me, with me and around me. Not so wisely, I’ve been paying alot of attention to the things going on around me. I was so concerned with the activities and details in the lives of others that I pretty much neglected myself…and it tired me. I was tired deep inside. I prayed and talked to my person about it (I believe that while the Holy Spirit is an amazing confidant it’s also very helpful to have someone you can talk to and are accountable to), and she gave me invaluable advice ‘mind your business’.

Each of us has been placed on this earth to fulfil a unique purpose. You are tailor made to fill in a blank space in this world, to be the answer to a question. You can’t do that if you keep trying to help everyone else solve theirs. Yes, we’re members of a team and part of a family but the strength of the team lies in the ability of each member to focus on their duty and do it well.

It’s amazing to look out for others, but it’s important to remember you can’t do that by completely neglecting yourself. Continue to run your race and press towards your mark. Study, pray, make sure you are constantly aligned. Keep your eyes locked on target, your goal which is Christ. There is so much you need to do, there are generations counting on you to get it right.

Don’t get me wrong, like I said, it’s beautiful to work as part of a team and there is growth and impartation that comes when you walk and work with people of like minds. But, it’s easy to develop a hero complex and try to ‘save’ those around you. Not everyone is your assignment. Continue to do you, continue to press on and help as God leads. Don’t leave your plot empty tending to the plots of others. There is room for independence in teamwork.

Grace and Peace


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