Love like you’ve never been hurt

This topic is a rather strange one but trust me I’m not about to go all butterflies and romantic nights on you so let’s go through this together okay? I did not intend to tell stories and I kept struggling within on whether or not to tell but I quite understand that it is necessary I explain certain things in the most practicable way. I would in 3 short headings fulfill my goal of explaining.

The Beginning

At some point in my life, I got hurt(in love supposedly) and for too long I wallowed in bouts of insecurity and distrust. God being God, definitely called me to order through some person that in actual fact I wasn’t even totally close to and he said, “Baby girl I know you got hurt but I’m certain that regardless of how you might view the situation, you have discovered something about yourself that God has placed to be an asset and that in itself should tell you you’re loved. “

At that specific time, nothing made sense( I mean who makes sense out of hurt?), why am I telling you this seemingly personal story? People of God, I know I cannot even imagine the depth of God’s love but I tell you, in that short period where I fancied myself being in love and got hurt, I had a glimpse of what God felt.

The Pursuit

Every relationship starts with a pursuit in fact, pursuit is the evidence of desire. As it is with people, so is it with God. On a serious note, why would you choose to love someone or pursue someone who does not love you back? Can you slightly understand just how unwavering love in itself can be? Talking about God, so that we do not forget his passion for us, he sent us daily alarms in the scriptures that we may understand our stand in the world and the authority that this love is packaged in. Romans 5:8 says, “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”

Thing is, we get so caught up in life and its web of pain that we constantly lose sight of God and the peace his love brings. I was watching ‘The Shack’, a Christian movie recently and a man who lost his little girl judged God unworthy and unfair. In some vision like trance, he was asked to choose between his two remaining children who would go to heaven and go to hell. This uncle was speechless. After much thought, he said he would rather be taken instead of his children. This is exactly the position God is in. Why would a father choose to purposely send his son to a place of torment? The death of Christ was a style of pursuit.


The Journey 

It’s so easy to get lost in the ‘love talk’ that you never actually get to understand the love which is the subject matter. I at some point did and still learning not to do but daily as I engage the Scriptures, with the Holy Spirit teaching me I ask myself: Who I am? Who God is? What I am created to do? John 6 gives an account of Jesus’s dominion on earth and by love this dominion has been given to us as an inheritance.

Why this topic?

Daily I understand that Jesus chose to love like he had never been hurt before and I’m doing the same cause as he is so am I (2 Corinthians 10:7)

Shalom oh!!

Olatunji Oluwatobiloba


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