Rest Easy, Work Diligently

A couple years ago, my goal for the year was to live a stress-free life, to let nothing and no one stress me. Needless to say, I failed miserably. While I tried to maintain a cool, calm and collected façade, my mind was constantly fretting over things that weren’t worth it while I neglected some things that needed work and attention thinking I was striving to be stress free. Plus, the word ‘rest’ has been going around a lot lately…surely this was a sign to kick off my heels and chill for a bit…


Thing is, I’ve found out that isn’t exactly what it meant. Imagine it this way, when you accepted Christ, it was kind of like accepting a marriage proposal. There are certain perks and responsibilities that come with the relationship, which is why you were made a bride and not a girlfriend. The spouse gets access to things the side chick doesn’t. anyway, the perks in this relationship mean you can rest in certain truths, (perks)

You can rest in the fact that He loves you unconditionally

You can rest in the fact that He’s always with you and will never leave you stranded or alone

You can rest in the fact that He doesn’t base your value on your actions but on Himself. He paid for you with His blood, so you are very much priceless.

You can rest in the fact that no matter how glum, or hopeless, or stagnant things may seem, He’s right there in the midst of it with you

You can rest in the fact that He watches, guides, protects and guards you and is conscious and concerned about your experiences and feelings

You can rest in His promises for you

However, as much as some quality R and R is good and sometimes needful, rest does not mean laziness. In as much as we can rest in God and all of His awesomeness, some things just require us to get of our beds and get things done. Take out time, make time to do what is necessary. Make time to study, to pray, to learn. Make time to bask in His presence and just enjoy fellowship with Him (remember we’re married now!) and like my friend says be jealous for His presence. Don’t procrastinate, do what He has asked you to do. He’s given you a purpose and an assignment, all those itty-bitty things you need to do to get prepped, Do Them.

TD Jakes once said, “God does things in steps, with each step preparing you for the next”. The steps may not seem like resting, I mean hello! Why do we have elevators? But take the steps and while at it, rest in the assurance that this is what’s best for you and He’s there to help you if you ever get tired.

So, I guess the conclusion of the matter is this…rest your mind and your consciousness in the love, grace and peace of God, but don’t let your body become too heavy to do his work. That way, you can rest easy while working diligently.


Grace and Peace

Toluwanimi Bamgboje



Hey God lover… how are you? I’m really excited.  The first half of the year is all gone and we’re standing right at the brink of the second half. Some will say that this is a good time to sit back and reflect on your goals for the year and see how far you’ve come. I am part of that some. I do believe in setting goals and I also believe in periodic assessment. For Continue reading


Genesis 7:5-6; “5.So Noah did everything the Lord commanded Him. 6. He was 600 years old when the flood came” (TLB)

Hey!!! I would like to take a few lines to say a big THANK YOU! Thank you for every Tuesday, I pray you continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others in Jesus name, amen.

Today’s text, Genesis 7:5-6 points out two very important things; first is OBEDIENCE and the other is PATIENCE and what people generally understand to be waiting. You know how some of us have a long list of amazing people we have read of in the bible that we just want to get to heaven and meet them yeah, I know I have that list. Some of them we want to salute, some we have questions for, some we want to have long conversations with under the tree of life just chilling and some we just want to hug and say well done. Noah for me, is one of those people I want to hug and say well done to, from Noah I have learnt that even when it don’t make sense just obey.

I’m basically just here to encourage you because I could go on and on about Noah but here’s the deal, don’t just look at this as any other bible story why is she making a big deal out of it. It took a 100 years for the flood to come, a 100???? C’mon, most people can’t wait for pizza for an hour, we just conclude there’s something wrong with the customer service system but this guy waited a 100 years, times and seasons past for a 100 years before the promise finally came, that’s huge!

What is that thing that you kinda sorta gave up asking and trusting God for? Note that Noah didn’t just waste time, He obeyed and did not some, or parts but everything God said and wore his patience cap high and proud till the day the promise came. Don’t give up on God because He is the controller of time and your reproductive, productive, whatever clock means nothing to him, God can stop time just for you. He has not forgotten!562628919_d1

Why not wait a little longer, say for a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a year, a decade……. Hold on, God will come through for you in a bit.