Hello!I know it’s been a minute since we posted on here, mans been busy i guess and i apologise. but hey we are here now so lets get right into it shall we?

I was on phone with a friend a while back and i was  telling him of how i can’t leave people knowing there’s something wrong, i always want to help you know just be there for them atleast and he ofcourse laughed (guys always do this!can i get a witness?)then said something about purposeful living that i really can’t remember at the moment but yeah this really was me just giving you the gist of the  phonecall, lol please stay with me, don’t vex now, not yet lol 

Today i want to answer  questions thats constantly on people’s minds and thats, whats my purpose?how do i find purpose?and the likes.

Purpose…..oh dear purpose is the very thing that causes people to be aware, you just feel a sense of knowing and you question things you’ve done before you got to that point. Well to me, and with the help of the holy spirit i have discovered that:

  • purpose isn’t a vocation or a destination
  • purpose is your life and what you do with it 
  • purpose isn’t a constant variable
  • purpose is continuous, it spans across the whole existence of a being 

Sweetheart there’s nothing like ”oh my purpose is making smoothies” or something silly as that. You can be the best at something but its not the totality of your existence, it is only a pointer to something greater.

Don’t sell yourself short by thinking ”i’m only good for A so i leave DEF for someone else to do. You are to grow into full potential. Turn your bible real quick to Matthew 25:14-30,  its quite a read but the story is a very interesting one and it would help you understand better.
I have a few pointers to purpose, (i can see your face beam on reading this, yes you)so how do i know i’m living a purposeful life?this is how, 

  • purpose glorifies God 
  • purpose is enjoyed by the fulfillee, make no mistake purpose is enjoyable 
  • purpose changes lives. its no longer about you but about people and situations you’ve positively affected 

So when you can check these three off the list you’re good to go bu ultimately, purpose is found in God!I beg you today to submit your life to Jesus,  He leads the way to God and He’s just amazing to have.

As i go off to other things, i suggest you get a book written by my sister, Jesunifemi Ogundipe titled when purpose lives, amazing book trust me(you can always send a mail or leave a comment and i’ll help you get the book if interested) I love you always and thank you for reading this, i really believe that you are being blessed by it.




PSALM 105: 1-2 

Hello,  HAPPY INDEPENCE NIGERIA(i’m nigerian incase you were wondering lol)God bless Nigeria amen. I have been away for a short while but i am positive i left us in good hands, posts from our features have been totally amazing and life giving and i want to use this time to appreciate every single one. For those of us coming here for the first time, welcome!so nice of you to be here and for our ever supportive audience i say many thanks and welcome.  So today it’s not going to be business as usual, today we are going to be grateful. It sounds rather funny right? I know but often times we take things for granted, we take too much for granted. We are blessed of God and I can tell you personal stories upon stories of God’s love and grace. To even think that people get blessed and lives get changed via this platform is mind-blowing, I don’t know about you but I can’t ever lose my wonder when it comes to God’s goodness. Today I want to challenge you, make a list of ten things you are grateful for,  could be more but ten things and thank God profusely for these things. Does that sound like a plan? Yes? Yes!

I want to add that sometimes you don’t need a reason to be grateful, just breathe and say thank you. I’ll be making my list and thanking God for things.  I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that testimonies will abound and God’s praise will ever be on our lips,  amen

Grace & Peace.


Hi guys so glad to finally get to meet you, I want to thank my sister and friend Yinka for having me here its really a privilege.


After a period of thought and reflection, I’ve been able to come up with a topic for my post today, I wanted to be very practical such that everything I say here can be applied in our day to day lives.

I believe everyone was put on this earth for a reason, and that reason is usually greater than we can imagine, its usually so big that we need God in order to accomplish it. But the problem is that most people settle for LESS.

Ever heard the phrase “I cannot come and kill myself”?

I see that phrase as a sign of disbelief in the power of God

1cor 2: 9 (NIV)

“No eye has seen,

No ear has heard

No mind has conceived

What God has prepared for those who love him”


But this is what verse 10 says 

“But God has revealed it to us by his spirit.

The spirit searches all things even the deep things of God”


I had the privilege of meeting a great man that I consider my mentor, A very successful CEO of a multinational Insurance company, father and Christian. I wanted to pick his mind and just gain wisdom from is life and experiences.

These are a few things he had to say about being successful and realizing your full potential;

  1. Everyone has greatness in them. But it always depends on how far you can see.
  2. What ever you do, make sure you’re the best, life doesn’t honor mediocre people.
  3. The morning is when destiny is decided, Command your day with your morning.
  4. There’s a level you get to in life where you have to bow down to something, Make sure that person is Jesus.
  5. Don’t be afraid to be uncommon, uncommon people rule the world
  6. Don’t procrastinate your life
  7. Don’t dress and act for today, Dress and act for tomorrow.


You see life is very spiritual, everything that happens in the physical first happens in the spiritual and that’s why having fellowship with God is very important if we want to fulfill our destiny

Let’s explore some of the things that will help us fellowship with God


Prayer is a channel where man is able to communicate with God. when we pray God reveals our true state to us, he reveals who we really are to us. It is also a means by which we pick the mind of God, A lot of things happen during prayer especially when praying in the spirit; We become bold, Our faith increases ,We gain revelation etc.

We have to speak to God and ask him to tell us the reason he created us.


The bible is the word of God, it gives us insight about how God speaks, His mindset, what he thinks about us and most importantly who we are in him.

God has said something about you, the only thing you need to do is find it in his word Jer. 1:5


The presence of God is one of the most important avenues of fulfilling destiny, it’s the presence that transforms you and changes you into what you should be (like Jesus)

When we worship, God comes down to inhabit the praises of his people Ps. 22:3


You see, when a manufacturer creates a product, he makes that product to solve a specific problem, the only reason that product was made was because there was a need, therefore that product was tailored according to the need it was “destined” to solve. So also God is our creator and he made us to solve a problem, we need to ask him to show us what exactly that problem is, because that’s what we were created to solve. Prov. 18:16

Let us try to ask God for help in discovering our destiny and purpose. A life without direction will be very very unfulfilling.


I pray that as you ask and seek God he will reveal your destiny to you.

Olumide Somide