So nice of you to join us today, I believe you’ve been good and doing great!

For some days now, i’ve been wondering, people have different definition to the topic above. i’d love for us to make this very interactive. what does REST mean to you? Have you ever been in a position where you had to drop all your defenses and trust that something will happen some way. It’s that time of the month where we pour out our hearts on the blog. I want to hear from you, drop your comments and let’s learn from each other.


God’s blessings are always with you. All you need do is walk in the reality of what has been promised you…



I write to you all with tears in my eyes because there is a distortion that I want to fix in your hearts. I’ll probably think of a title later on because right now I’m just here to unburden this thing that is pressing on my heart. But before I do, I really do not take this opportunity to be bringing God’s message to his people again. And by now you should Continue reading


Hey God lover… how are you? I’m really excited.  The first half of the year is all gone and we’re standing right at the brink of the second half. Some will say that this is a good time to sit back and reflect on your goals for the year and see how far you’ve come. I am part of that some. I do believe in setting goals and I also believe in periodic assessment. For Continue reading