Something struck me recently. So I was at the departure lounge on my way to Yola, thinking about all that God is teaching me on Faith in His Grace and faith generally.

I’d recently come to the understanding that faith is my exchange medium in the spirit for
all that God has already “FREELY BESTOWED upon us”… 1 Cor 2:12 AMP.

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Have you ever known pain? I’m sure everyone will say yes. But I’d like to believe pain is a very relative word, pain differs in people. Some have a higher tolerance than others. Indulge me a little and follow my thoughts. So in this relative context, I ask again, Have you ever known pain? Not the prickle of a thorn, or scraping your knee..I mean that kind of pain that doesn’t accommodate iodine or band aids as a form of therapy?
Well I have, allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my pain. I have loved and I have lost in my few years in earth, I lost my dad when I was 12. Now, it would have been understandable if he was ill or involved in a crash of some sort. But he prayed and slept off on his knees, leaving us in utter confusion if there was something that could have been done. Stay with me a little and catch my drift. Now losing my father isn’t the most painful thing that I have felt.
There was a guy (you know it’s about to be deep when a girl starts like that)  lol. I was minding my own business when he came along and turned my life around. I had had many crushes in the past but none could compare to him, now while I took him serious and told the whole world about him, he was only whiling away time with me. The nerve right! Long and short is I found out that I was a “side-piece” all along and that was when I knew pain. I lost weight, I wasn’t the ideal praying woman but I stopped the little prayer I used to pray. I got drunk multiple times a week because it was a safe haven where I didn’t think about this man. I was in pain. I knew pain. A few months later I found Jesus who filled the void like no one else could. I had been healed, I had been restored, but I still wondered why I had to go through such a rough patch, was it God teaching me a lesson? Was I being punished for not being a better Christian? I’m sure these are questions that many people ask themselves each day.
There’s only one correct answer, NO! God didn’t want it to happen, he was hurt just as you were being hurt. Nevertheless there was a reason it happened and the good news is that you can turn that pain around for good. There are so many people going through what you’ve been through, you’ve overcome to help them overcome. God doesn’t have hands on earth, but you can be his hands. Stretch those hands out to those who need it. Show them that God cares for their pain, show them there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and “this too shall pass”.
I was talking to a sister of mine last night and the bottom line of our conversation is that you are strengthened by God so you can provide strength to others. Paul writing to the Roman church said in the 8th chapter and 18th verse that our present trials are not compared to the glory that is awaiting to be revealed. It happened for a reason, it hurt but let’s not pretend it didn’t make you stronger. I like the saying “what doesn’t kill me had better start running” haha!

So what are waiting for, turn your story into a message of hope. Someone out there is waiting for you, yes you. Let’s heal the world together. Let’s find the purpose to our pain….

Sophia Igunbor